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Interactive Panel: Leveraging Innovative Data

Data Science and Technology

By FactSet Insight  |  February 27, 2019

Financial firms have always relied on an array of data and technological processes to get the intelligence they need to make decisions. However, with the transition to today’s advanced technology environments occurring almost overnight, many organizations are still relying on the same data architectures, software, and workflows that they have for many years. 

For example, over the last few years data science has become a critical new area within the financial community.  At the same time, alternative data sets, advanced computing power and the benefits of the cloud are are becoming more readily available. 

However, while we've seen growth for this specific role and in the data available to the marketplace, the challenge remains, how do you bring all that data together? 

Click below to watch our interactive webcast and learn how to better leverage alternative data and other industry advancements to supercharge your investment process.

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