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In a recent Forbes article, “When Is a Director Not a Director? FactSet, Freeport and the University of Texas,” Kai Petainen uncovered conflicting Board of Director information from various sources, specifically the connection between B.M. Rankin Jr. and the University of Texas, in an effort to find out the accurate and reliable relationship between the two. After extensive fact-checking, Petainen concluded: “I find it amazing that FactSet was able to find the connection of Rankin to Texas. It demonstrates how powerful software can discover the networks that intertwine others.”

When faced with inconsistent information, the merits of acquisitions by the firms to which they are connected may be called into question. How, then, was FactSet able to make an obscure connection between B.M. Rankin Jr. and The University of Texas?

FactSet's People reports enable you to research information about officers and directors affiliated with public companies, private companies, and private equity firms. In addition to information such as employment history and compensations, you have access to relationships (both corporate and non-corporate) and filings. The Connections report specifically, allows you to plot paths between both people and firms. You can display relationships up to three degrees, ranked by degree of relevance, and create contact lists with email addresses and phone numbers.


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