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At a Glance: PrivCo U.S. Private Company Financials and Intelligence

This data feed offers comprehensive, accurate, and timely details on over 300,000 U.S. private companies, including those that have not yet received institutional backing.

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The PrivCo U.S. Private Company Financials and Intelligence data feed offers comprehensive, accurate, and timely details on over 300,000 private companies in the United States. PrivCo utilizes sophisticated sourcing and aggregation methodology to maintain an unparalleled level of data quality for hard-to-find private company data. Moreover, this dataset covers private companies in the U.S. that have not received institutional backing, setting itself apart from other private company products that are limited to those that are venture-backed.

The PrivCo product includes company metadata, such as the name, description, address, and phone number, as well as people information such as founders and key contacts. The data also includes historical revenues, employee counts, financial statements, funding rounds, M&A and transaction activity, and more. PrivCo also provides industry classifications, keywords, and related companies to enable company screening.

Data Overview

Asset Class: Private Companies

Data Frequency: Monthly

Delivery Frequency: Daily

History: Data available back to 1976

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Data Methodology

PrivCo technology continuously aggregates intelligence from over 50,000 unique sources, including but not limited to consumer transactions, government agencies, public records, internet search engines, news, company reports, press releases, web traffic, and global regulatory filings. PrivCo analysts perform QA throughout the sourcing process and only publish what meets their vigorous data quality standards. They then use the information collected, along with proprietary algorithms, to estimate financial information when necessary.

PrivCo’s private company profiles include revenue and employee counts by year, deal activity, VC funding details, valuations, ownership structure, and external stakeholders and investors. In addition, a valuable piece of the PrivCo dataset is the industry and keyword classifications assigned to companies, which allow for easy screening and peer group analysis.

Use Cases

Discover New Targets, Competitors, and Comparable Companies 

  • Users leverage PrivCo’s database to accurately and efficiently screen for new targets, competitors, and comparable companies. This database offers insight into multiple facets of the business, from key stakeholders all the way to employee counts, financials, and funding details.
    • The screening process is made even easier using the PrivCo Industry Classification System (PICS). PICS accurately reflects the modern business landscape and relevant company activities. PICS can be used in conjunction with criteria (e.g., revenues, employee counts, growth rates, ownership structure, and VC or M&A activity) to instantly identify targets, competitors, and comparable companies.
    • Keyword classifications can also be leveraged to quickly identify companies that are minority- or woman-led, family-owned, or fall within specific sectors.

Capture Companies Ignored by Deal-Focused Databases

  • PrivCo’s dataset offers deep insight into the U.S. private company market and captures companies that are truly privately held and often ignored by deal-focused databases.
    • PrivCo estimates that only roughly 20% of U.S. private companies have either VC funding or are involved in M&A, which leaves 80% of private companies with little or no coverage by other sources. The PrivCo database gives its users a leg up through transparency to the broader U.S. private company market. 

The details provided above are as of August 2020.

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