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Wall Street Horizon offers a comprehensive database of valuable forward-looking corporate event data.

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The Basics

Wall Street Horizon offers a comprehensive database of valuable forward-looking corporate event data. With more than 40 corporate event types, including earnings revisions, dividend dates, option expiration dates, splits, spinoffs, and investor related conferences, Wall Street Horizon keeps clients appraised of critical market-moving events, empowering financial professionals to take advantage of or avoid event-driven market volatility. Wall Street Horizon has nearly 20 years of experience focused on providing the most accurate corporate event data.

The Coverage

Wall Street Horizon’s Enchilada DataFeed includes information on more than 40 forward-looking corporate event types for 7,500 publicly traded companies around the globe. The image below provides a breakdown of the event types that are available from Wall Street Horizon.

Event Type Breakdown



The Differentiators

Wall Street Horizon has more than 15 years of experience focused solely on providing the most accurate corporate event data. Leveraging proprietary algorithms combined with an in-house team of experienced analysts, Wall Street Horizon continually monitors multiple primary sources of corporate event data and proactively contacts corporate IR officers to ensure systematic and accurate collection of dates, times and updates to market-moving events.

Example Use Case

Wall Street Horizon’s Enchilada DataFeed provides a wealth of critical forward-looking information for investment professionals. Often a company’s behavior regarding its earnings dates can provide useful clues to performance. For example, academic research has shown that delayed earnings releases can be indicative of negative returns while earnings releases that are brought forward are more often associated with positive performance. This one example of changes in scheduled earnings releases offers investors a long-only or long-short strategy that can be used to generate outperformance. In addition to the previous example, earnings revisions information is of critical importance to options traders, as changes in release dates can move an option expiration into or out of the reporting period, with substantial impacts on implied volatility and price.

Wall Street Horizon also offers a wealth of information on future events beyond earnings related items. For Pharmaceutical companies, Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) dates and FDA Advisory Committee meetings are often tied to periods of elevated market volatility. For film companies, box-office and home video release dates are of critical importance. Wall Street Horizon provides investors with the key information about upcoming catalysts to be prepared for or take advantage of changes in market volatility.

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