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Webcast: Integrating and Analyzing Disparate Data in the Cloud

Data Science and Technology

By FactSet Insight  |  August 12, 2020

There’s been an explosion in alternative data over the past few years. Financial institutions across the globe are relying on open technology and quality data sources more than ever for greater insight and investment value.

As the adoption of alternative data continues to rise, the financial services firms seeking it and the providers who are creating it are faced with their own unique set of challenges. Leveraging legacy technology and in-house data management systems alone cannot provide the flexibility and actionable intelligence financial services firms require to properly integrate alternative data into their investment process. They need a secure platform that can mitigate risk, blend their proprietary data with reliable analytics, and create efficient data management, integrity, and governance.  

Earlier this year, FactSet recorded a free webcast with Snowflake to demonstrate how the combination of superior content, cloud-computing technology, and cross-organizational data integration can help financial services firms get a competitive edge.  

More recently, FactSet and Snowflake met with Pete Peterson, CTO of Causeway Capital Management, to discuss the latest data management trends and the benefits of a company-wide data platform solution.  

Download the full webcast, Integrating & Analyzing Disparate Data in the Cloud, for the full discussion. 

FactSet and Snowflake: Connect Disparate Data on the Cloud