Solutions for Hedge Funds
Streamline your analysis, seamlessly incorporate your holdings and returns information, and receive robust data to feed your...
FactSet Insight
on Apr 17, 2017
An Investment Management Firm Streamlines Communication with FactSet RMS
FactSet’s Research Management Solution, integrated with portfolio holdings and market data, helps Martin Currie organize and...
FactSet Insight
on Apr 14, 2017
Earnings Insight: April 13, 2017
Global S&P 500 companies to see higher earnings growth in Q1'17.
John Butters
on Apr 13, 2017
Passive Aggressive Behavior Part II: The ETF Scorecard
For fundamental stock pickers the poor style-timing ability of ETF users is an opportunity.
FactSet Insight
on Apr 10, 2017
Solutions for Portfolio Managers
Generate alpha and make more effective decisions quickly with FactSet’s unique content and intelligent data integration.
FactSet Insight
on Apr 7, 2017
Earnings Insight: April 7, 2017
U.S. dollar strength a concern for S&P 500 companies in Q1’17.
John Butters
on Apr 7, 2017
Earnings Insight: March 31, 2017
During the first quarter, analysts lowered earnings estimates for companies in the S&P 500 for the quarter.
John Butters
on Mar 31, 2017
Solutions for Regulatory Compliance
Alleviate the burden of managing multiple data sources with FactSet’s smart data, comprehensive analytics, and integrated...
FactSet Insight
on Mar 28, 2017
Earnings Insight: March 24, 2017
Energy sector projected to be largest contributor to earnings growth for S&P 500 for Q1.
John Butters
on Mar 24, 2017
Economic Forecasts for 2017 and Beyond
What do the prevailing trends of 2017 say about the world's economic future?
FactSet Insight
on Mar 21, 2017
Earnings Insight: March 17, 2017
For Q1 2017, the estimated earnings growth rate for the S&P 500 is 9.0%.
John Butters
on Mar 17, 2017
Solutions for Academics
Enhance your curriculum with hands-on access to the tools trusted by the world’s investment professionals.
FactSet Insight
on Mar 16, 2017
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