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How Much Did Non-GAAP EPS Exceed GAAP EPS for DJIA Companies in Q3?
For Q3 2017, 21 of the 30 companies in the DJIA reported non-GAAP EPS in addition to GAAP EPS for the third quarter. Read More
John Butters
on Nov 17, 2017
Robust Economic Growth in China Boosts the Outlook for All of Asia Pac
Growth in China and India leads the Asia Pacific region, and even though Japan’s growth trails the rest, that country’s outlook... Read More
Sara Potter
on Nov 16, 2017
How Do Today’s Global HNWIs Approach Wealth Generation?
How can Wealth Managers benefit from the investing preferences of HNWIs? Read More
Greg King, CFA
on Nov 15, 2017
Fund Flows: The ETF Price War Heats Up
It's getting harder for issuers to make a buck, particularly in the vanilla space. Read More
Elisabeth Kashner
on Nov 13, 2017
What Are S&P 500 Companies Saying About Tax Reform?
Of the 445 companies who have conducted earnings calls, 93 cited the term “tax reform." Read More
John Butters
on Nov 10, 2017
Rust Belt Cities Could Win Big from Amazon’s HQ2
Given the criteria Amazon has indicated, which North American cities would benefit most from an injection of jobs and people? Read More
Sara Potter
on Nov 9, 2017
China’s Food Crisis is an Opportunity for U.S. Beef
China's booming population will require a network of international relationships to feed. Read More
Avery Pagan
on Nov 8, 2017
Factor-Based Investing in the Corporate Bond Market
We outline a process of applying factor analysis to fixed income and corporate bond assets. Read More
Dylan O'Connell
on Nov 7, 2017
When It Comes to Analyst Ratings, Look to the Bears
Among the Buy, Overweight, and Hold ratings groups, backtests over 10 years indicate performance results that are in direct... Read More
Michael Amenta
on Nov 6, 2017
2017 Proxy Fights: High Cost, Low Volume
P&G and ADP are two of the costliest fights on record, and our data indicates that higher costs are here to stay. Read More
Mike Coronato
on Nov 6, 2017

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