Boats, Quotes, and Automobiles: Alternative Data for Municipal Bond Investors
Using alternative data for a better overview of the marketplace.
Chris Fenske
on Aug 22, 2017
Webcast: What HNWIs Demand in a New Era of Volatility
During this exclusive 30-minute webcast, FactSet and Scorpio Partnership walk through their least wealth survey.
Greg King, CFA
on Aug 21, 2017
Winners and Losers Three Years after the Bear Oil Market of 2014
As oil prices pump back up, which industries fared better than others?
Sara Potter
on Aug 18, 2017
The Charts That Tell the Story of 2017 (So Far)
An unadulterated look at the data behind the biggest financial industry stories of the year.
FactSet Insight
on Aug 17, 2017
Complying with Sanctions is About Who (and What) You Know
In a world of global networks, how can firms stay clear of sanctions missteps?
Drake Bushnell
on Aug 16, 2017
BMR Compliance: What Benchmark Users Should Know
Despite a grace period, it's critical to understand the compliance obligations of this pending regulation.
Nels Ylitalo
on Aug 15, 2017
S&P 500 Companies See Worst Price Reaction to Positive EPS Surprises since Q2 2011
Why is the market punishing companies that have reported positive earnings surprises?
John Butters
on Aug 13, 2017
S&P 500 Companies with More Global Exposure Reported Higher Earnings Growth in Q2
Companies with higher global exposure were expected to benefit from the tailwinds of a weaker U.S. dollar and higher global GDP...
John Butters
on Aug 11, 2017
iShares Core Suite Dominates July ETF Flows
Seven out of the top 10 July inflows went to Blackrock's iShares funds.
Elisabeth Kashner
on Aug 10, 2017
ESG in Fixed Income: Enhancing Risk Management
Incorporating ESG into the fixed income space creates an upshot to asset gathering, potential for outperformance, and improved...
Pat Reilly
on Aug 9, 2017
Below Average Cuts to Q3 EPS Estimates for S&P 500 Companies in July
Seven of the 11 sectors recorded a decline in their bottom-up EPS estimates during the first month of the quarter.
John Butters
on Aug 8, 2017
S&P 500 Sees Double-Digit Earnings Growth for Second Straight Quarter
This could mark the first time the index has seen two consecutive quarters of (year-over-year) double-digit earnings growth...
John Butters
on Aug 7, 2017

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