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Indian Demonetization and the Liquidity Conundrum
With demonetization, the Indian economy witnessed a large-scale depletion of liquidity from the market, what were the impacts? Read More
Mrudul Neralla
on Jun 22, 2018
Using an Alternative View to Find Merger Deal Outperformance
Here we ignore using traditional data in traditional ways and use it instead to apply some alternative methodology to generate... Read More
Bryan Adams
on Jun 21, 2018
[Video] Q2 2018 U.S. Economic Forecast
In this video, Sara Potter, chief economic contributor for FactSet Insight, examines the performance of the U.S. economy in in... Read More
Sara B. Potter, CFA
on Jun 20, 2018
Who are the Economic and Financial Winners of the World Cup?
As with any major sporting event, some stand to make a lot of money while others will lose it. Let’s look at some of the... Read More
Oliver Tempel
on Jun 19, 2018
How Have Analysts Performed Relative to Their Stock Ratings?
To analyze the performance, we divided the stocks that were in the S&P 500 on June 30, 2017 into five equal-sized groups. Read More
John Butters
on Jun 18, 2018
Where Are Analysts Most Optimistic on Ratings for the S&P 500 for Q2?
At the sector level, analysts are most optimistic on the Information Technology (59%), Health Care (59%), and Energy (59%)... Read More
John Butters
on Jun 15, 2018
The Heartbeat of ETF Tax Efficiency: Leaving Cash on the Trading Floor
Tax efficiency plus low fees make ETFs attractive investment vehicles. Read More
Elisabeth Kashner
on Jun 14, 2018
How Technology Will Keep the Active Manager From Becoming Obsolete
There is today, and there certainly will be in the future, a place for both passive management and active management. Read More
John Adam
on Jun 13, 2018
[Video] Q1 2018 Earnings Season: Key Takeaways
John Butters, Senior Earnings Analyst at FactSet, discusses three key takeaways from the first quarter earnings season for the... Read More
John Butters
on Jun 11, 2018
The Impact of Tariffs on Foreign Steel Producers and Their U.S. Customers
In order to understand the potential market and economic impact, we looked at non-U.S. steel manufacturers, their U.S.... Read More
Aly Mazzie
on Jun 11, 2018
Will S&P 500 Companies With Higher Global Exposure See Lower Earnings Growth in Q2?
S&P 500 companies with higher global revenue exposure are expected to outperform S&P 500 companies with lower global revenue... Read More
John Butters
on Jun 8, 2018
How Do Regional Attitudes Influence Technology Adoption in Wealth Management?
It has become incumbent upon wealth managers to incorporate technology to enhance their strategies. Read More
Greg King, CFA
on Jun 7, 2018

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