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The Economics of H1 2018 in Charts
As we come to the end of the first half of 2018, now is a good time to reflect on the state of the U.S. economy. Here we... Read More
Sara B. Potter, CFA
on Jul 17, 2018
Second Highest Number of S&P 500 Companies Issuing Positive EPS Guidance for Q2 Since 2006
The number of companies issuing negative EPS is below the five-year average, while the number of companies issuing positive EPS... Read More
John Butters
on Jul 13, 2018
Thematic Indexing 2.0: A Systematic Approach to Finding Relatedness in Markets
Almost all digital content is now being classified, based on this concept of relatedness. How can we use that to invest? Read More
Jeremy Zhou
on Jul 12, 2018
IPO Activity Picks Up in Q2 2018, But Less Money Raised
The strength of the second quarter was largely driven by a rush of new issues in the last week of June. Read More
Sara B. Potter, CFA
on Jul 11, 2018
Industry Analysts Project 13% Price Increase for S&P 500 Over the Next Year
Based on the difference between the bottom-up target price and the closing price for the S&P 500 as of July 5, industry... Read More
John Butters
on Jul 9, 2018
S&P 500 Likely to Report Earnings Growth Above 20% for Second Straight Quarter
The S&P 500 is likely to report earnings growth above 20% for Q2. This would mark the second consecutive quarter of earnings... Read More
John Butters
on Jul 6, 2018
Caterpillar’s Fortunes Are Tied to Those of the Global Economy
Caterpillar has long been considered a bellwether of the global economy. Read More
Sara B. Potter, CFA
on Jul 3, 2018
Second Largest Increase in S&P 500 EPS Estimate Since 2010 for Q2'18
During the past 15 years, (60 quarters), the bottom-up EPS estimate has recorded an average decline of 3.9% during a quarter. Read More
John Butters
on Jun 29, 2018
Alternative Data: How to Find Signal in the Noise
What are industry experts saying about how to best use alternative data? Read More
Lauren Stevens
on Jun 28, 2018
Network Risk: The Unseen Aspect of Portfolio Risk
Widespread effects imply a common driver of volatility, how does one capitalize on it? Read More
Russell Smith
on Jun 27, 2018

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