S&P 500 Earnings Season Update: October 20
To date, 17% of the companies in the S&P 500 have reported actual results for Q3 2017.
John Butters
on Oct 20, 2017
FactSet Experts Look Back at the Crash of 1987
Read on to find out what our experts in economics, mergers, and more have to say about the anniversary of Black Monday.
FactSet Insight
on Oct 19, 2017
Do Central Banks Cause or Cure Inflation?
Normalization of interest rates has always been a goal of central banks, but they can do more harm than good.
Jack Hayes
on Oct 18, 2017
How Have Tensions with North Korea Affected the Aerospace and Defense Industries?
While investors muse over the impact of increasing geopolitical tension, one industry continues to outperform the broader...
Carmen Dello Iacono
on Oct 17, 2017
Can Brazil Privatize Its Way to Economic Recovery?
Despite ongoing political turmoil, things may be looking up for Brazil.
Sara Potter
on Oct 16, 2017
Nearly Half of S&P 500 Companies Citing Negative Impact from Hurricanes in Q3 Earnings Calls
Of the 28 companies that have reported results for Q3 2017, 13 have discussed a negative impact from hurricanes.
John Butters
on Oct 13, 2017
Do Companies Perform Better When they Invest in Themselves?
With possible tax reform ahead, what's the best way for companies to make use of newfound cash?
Blaine R. Davis
on Oct 12, 2017
The 2017 Fantasy Fixed Income Draft
Here, we sift through the ever-expanding news cycle to “pick” the most impactful “players” in the global fixed income markets.
Pat Reilly
on Oct 11, 2017
Finally, Smart Beta ETFs Gain Market Share
This month, three ETF strategies worked: compete on price, offer complex strategies, or bring-your-own assets.
Elisabeth Kashner
on Oct 10, 2017
S&P 500 Companies with More Global Exposure See Higher Earnings Growth in Q3
Companies that generate less than 50% of sales inside the U.S.also saw a boost in revenue.
John Butters
on Oct 9, 2017
Insurance Biggest Drag on S&P 500 Earnings over past Month
If the Insurance industry were excluded, the estimated earnings growth rate for the S&P 500 for Q3 2017 would improve to 4.9%...
John Butters
on Oct 6, 2017
Which Companies Are Performing Well Following Harvey and Irma?
Our analysis identifies sectors with exposure, both positive and negative to these recent hurricanes.
Nancy Zhang
on Oct 5, 2017

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