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S&P 500 Earnings Season Update: January 19
In aggregate, companies are reporting sales that are 0.9% above estimates, which is also above the five-year average. Read More
John Butters
on Jan 19, 2018
Amazon and Wal-Mart Trade Blows (and Tactics) In Bid for Retail Crown
From the web to emerging markets, these retail giants leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of market share. Read More
Carmine DiCesare
on Jan 18, 2018
From Investment Grade to High Yield in 80 Basis Points
Currently more than half of total debt outstanding sits between HY and IG Read More
Olivier Verburg
on Jan 17, 2018
In 2017 U.S.-based Investors Divorced Actives, Embraced Passives
In addition, many funds that lost market share nonetheless enjoyed positive flows. Read More
Elisabeth Kashner
on Jan 16, 2018
Have S&P 500 Earnings Expectations for 2018 Increased Since the Tax Law Passed?
The CY 2018 bottom-up EPS estimate increased by 2.2% from December 20 through January 11. Read More
John Butters
on Jan 12, 2018
Labor Shortages Are Not Translating into Higher Wages
The 12-month increase in nonfarm payrolls that we saw in 2017 was the slowest in seven years Read More
Sara Potter
on Jan 11, 2018
Key Traits of Successful Portfolio Managers
Desirable attributes included clear investing philosophy and willingness to remain flexible as opportunities arise. Read More
FactSet Insight
on Jan 10, 2018
Dealing with Data Overload in the Performance Workflow
Yet another challenge for the performance team is the management of data, the volume of which has increased dramatically in... Read More
Dean Mcintyre
on Jan 9, 2018
High Number of S&P 500 Tech Sector Companies Issuing Positive EPS Guidance in Q4
The number of companies issuing positive EPS guidance in the Information Technology sector for Q4 2017 is well above the... Read More
John Butters
on Jan 8, 2018
Smallest Cuts to EPS Estimates since 2010 for S&P 500 Companies
The decline in the bottom-up EPS estimate recorded during the fourth quarter was smaller than the one-year, five-year, and... Read More
John Butters
on Jan 5, 2018
Four Considerations for Managing Passive Investing's Impact on Asset Allocation
The influx of passive products changes that dynamic and the way that the market views asset allocation decisions. Read More
Drew J. Cronin, CFA, CIPM
on Jan 3, 2018
Insight’s Best-Read Stories of 2017
Find out which topics and trends captured the attention of our readers and our experts in 2017. Read More
FactSet Insight
on Jan 3, 2018

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