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At a Glance: BizPortal TenderAlpha

This dataset consists of aggregated government procurement contract awards and related company information.

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TenderAlpha by BizPortal is a global government contracts data product consisting of more than 70 million contract awards and related private and public company data in a standardized single format. Contract awards information is scraped from different government sources, then aggregated and mapped to tickers for any publicly listed companies participating in public procurement directly and/or through subsidiaries.

BizPortal includes contracts from more than 50 countries worldwide with data back to 2009. It provides details on the tender such as whether it was a “green” contract, as well as the description, title, location, and all other associated contract values. Additionally, a forward-looking USD receivables file is provided for the most frequent awardees and largest federal suppliers in the U.S. This file forecasts future government revenue based on expected payments of outstanding contracts.

Data Overview

Asset Class: Public and Private Companies

Data Frequency: Daily

Delivery Frequency: Daily

History: Data available back to 2009

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aag bizportal tenderalpha 2

Data Methodology

BizPortal extracts, parses, cleans, and harmonizes global public procurement data directly from government publications into a single standard format, regardless of the original source and data specifications. Raw data is processed in order to fit a single BizPortal format. This format is modelled after the European Commission’s guidelines on public procurement as seen in the EU’s Tenders Electronic Daily as well as the Open Contracting Data Standard of the World Bank.

BizPortal follows a three-step process from collection to the publication of the data that ensures quality and consistency:

  1. Data Retrieving – Exporting of tender/contract award data from official government sources and leveraging web crawlers to extract data from the contracting entity and awarded company as well as open government sources.
  2. Processing and Aggregation Aggregating all tenders/contract awards in BizPortal’s contract database and restructuring data to fit the BizPortal format. Checks are performed to ensure the various field vales, contracting authorities, and awarded companies are spelled correctly to avoid duplicate data.
  3. Cleaning and Validation Automatically detecting and marking the misallocated data in each field as well as the wrongly spelled information. Breaking up of consortiums to distinct awarded companies.

Additionally, the data is reviewed on a monthly basis to guarantee that the entire database contains high-quality information. This review includes but is not limited to location validation, corrections for wrongly spelled information in the contract, the removal of duplicate values, and the normalization of contract metadata.

Use Cases

Alpha Signal Generation

  • Model abnormal returns based on historical fluctuations of government-sourced revenue and dynamic financial prediction for public companies heavily dependent on government contracting.
  • Assist in determining true value of stocks by performing financial forecasting and government project pipeline analysis on company and sectoral level, especially relevant for Defense, Construction, Healthcare, IT, and Energy & Industrials.

Fundamental Investing

  • Build dynamic revenue prediction and growth trend analysis in order to identify companies that exhibit a sustainable competitive advantage through time.

ESG Investment

  • Support ESG investment by developing actual environmental ratings per ticker for listed government contractors based on historical and day-to-day monitoring of environmentally responsible action (i.e., green contracts) awarded by the government.

The details provided above are as of September 2020.

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