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At a Glance: BoardEx People Intelligence Data Feed

This dataset provides executive and company information and specialist data across sectors, indices, and geographies to reveal analytics and insights for data-driven decisions.

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Content Category: Human Capital

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The BoardEx People Intelligence data feed provides accurate, relevant, and timely executive and company data curated from publicly available sources. It includes categories such as People, Company, Announcement, and Committees. Access executive and company information and specialist data across sectors, indices, and geographies to reveal analytics and insights for data-driven decisions.

Coverage includes career history, education, achievements, gender, name, age, accumulated wealth, and equity-linked wealth, as well as compensation, board, committee and role announcements, company type, advisors, market capitalization, stock, sector, index, corporate actions, PE holdings, and more.

The BoardEx People Intelligence data feed contains a dataset of over 1.4 million leaders and decision makers across two million public, private, and not-for-profit organizations collected and curated over 20 years.

Data Overview

Asset Class: Public and Private Companies

Data Frequency: Daily

Delivery Frequency: Daily

History: Varies by data type; available back to the early 1990s for certain cases (e.g., employment history)

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Data Methodology

BoardEx’s team of 350+ analysts research, maintain, and validate organization and people profiles daily. Data is updated within 24 hours from time of disclosure. More experienced quality assurance analysts verify all new data entry, checking that they are from reliable sources and displayed accurately in the BoardEx database.

Data is obtained from a variety of public sources including regulatory filings, annual reports, proxy statements, national/state registries, global stock exchanges, company websites, press, and regulatory newswires.


The team makes daily data updates for over 1,600 companies and 13,000 people, including board members, C-suite executives, and senior managers. Every week, BoardEx creates approximately 2,500 new profiles and makes over 27,000 updates to profiles for comprehensive and high-quality content.

Use Cases

Application Development/Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Leverage extensive company and people coverage to populate a CRM with contacts and entity firmographics as well as wealth and compensation data. BoardEx uncovers relationships between individuals or organizations through job history and affiliation data.

Socially Responsible Investing

  • Analyze companies on ESG factors with governance and diversity data to evaluate hiring trends as well as board and executive team effectiveness for more informed investment decisions. BoardEx tracks membership organizations including over 1,200 diversity-focused associations. 

Research and Due Diligence

  • Enhance your research and due diligence as it relates to customer networks. Perform deep dives into the organizations and individuals you want to reach including the makeup of the board of directors, committees, C-suite, and other senior decision makers.

The details provided above are as of January 2021.

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