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At a Glance: FactSet People DataFeed

With personal and professional information for over 4.2 million people associated with more than 1.5 million firms, the FactSet People DataFeed provides detailed information on a broad spectrum of officers, directors, investment professionals and private equity investors.

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The Basics

With personal and professional information for over 4.2 million people associated with more than 1.5 million firms, the FactSet People DataFeed provides detailed information on a broad spectrum of officers, directors, investment professionals, and private equity investors. The DataFeed includes active and historical employment and board positions for both public and private companies along with detailed information about investment style, industry, and geographic focus as well as specific portfolios managed for investment professionals. Personal information includes educational history, contact information, and charitable work.

The product information and content statistics contained in this document are as of August 2019.

The Coverage

The FactSet People DataFeed aims to cover all global public companies, with an emphasis on those covered by FactSet Fundamentals; any non-public entity that is a portfolio company of a PE/VC investor; non-VC stakeholders in those portfolio companies; non-public entities with publicly traded debt; and certain large operating subsidiaries.

The chart below highlights the regional breakout of Entities with people information available. This coverage includes all entity types.

Entities by Region

The chart below shows the count of entities with people information available by entity type for the top seven entity types covered by the feed.

  Entities by Entity Type              

The Differentiators

FactSet offers a comprehensive database of people including public and private corporate coverage, investment professionals, governments, and non-profits. FactSet’s global coverage and scope of individuals are a differentiator in the marketplace.

Using a combination of technology and process allows FactSet to capture information in a timely and accurate manner. This methodology includes automatic change detection for management and board data using web-monitoring, regulatory filings, and press releases. Additionally, a specialized content collection team focused on People information performs regular reviews to ensure accuracy of information.

The breadth of information included in the People DataFeed also contributes to the competitive advantage. Biographical information including educational and employment history, gender, industry designations, and contact information allow a user to gain insight and make connections between individuals.

Finally, FactSet People is complimentary to a number of additional FactSet DataFeeds including Ownership and Insider Transactions, Private Equity/VC, Corporate Governance, and Events and Transcripts.

Example Use Case

FactSet People provides a wealth of information about individuals including biographical details, employment and educational history, information on charity work, and portfolio details for investment professionals. The example below shows the educational and employment history for Robert S. Sands Chairman of Constellation Brands.

Employment History of Robert S Sands

Mr. Sands received his undergraduate degree from Skidmore College and his graduate degree from Pace University. He was appointed General Counsel of Constellation Brands in June of 1986 and ultimately rose to President, CEO, and Director from 2007-2018 and most recently was named Executive Chairman of the Board.

Mr. Sands has also served as a board member for several institutions, including at F.F. Thompson Health System and Rochester General Health System as well as his alma mater, Pace University.

Board Membership of Robert S Sands

It is easy to make additional connections between Mr. Sands and other individuals who have shared Board of Directors or alumni connections. The query below shows any individual who was also a Director at F.F. Thompson, Pace, or Rochester General Health Systems.

Director Level Peers

This information allows a user to understand an individual’s network of connections and can be used to find degrees of separation. This information is critical for capital introduction, CRM applications, or understanding network effect and connections between companies.

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