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At a Glance: Genscape TESLA Insights DataFeed

Using Genscape's patented analytics, the TESLA Insights DataFeed reveals detailed information regarding Tesla’s production capabilities.

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 The Basics

Genscape is the leading global provider of real-time data and intelligence for commodity and energy markets. The company’s mission is to improve market transparency and efficiency, and it delivers innovative solutions across a number of asset classes including: Oil, Power, Natural Gas and LNG (natural and liquefied natural gas), Agriculture, Petrochemical and NGLs, Maritime, and Renewables.  Market fundamentals are measured using thousands of patented and proprietary land, sea, and satellite monitors that are strategically deployed worldwide, providing exceptional insight and intelligence to clients.

Using Genscape's patented analytics, the TESLA Insights DataFeed reveals detailed information regarding Tesla’s production capabilities.  Tesla company valuations are based heavily on whether or not mass production Model 3 electric cars will be delivered at scale and in a profitable way. In Elon Musk’s own words “the competitive strength of Tesla long term is not the car, it is the factory”. Genscape’s data gives a timely quantitative read of operations at the Fremont factory.

The Coverage 

The TESLA Insights data feed currently covers a single company, providing intra-period updates to several key metrics used to measure Tesla’s performance including:

  • Count of Model 3 and Semitruck battery deliveries from Tesla’s Gigafactory to their Fremont plant, with history back to February 2017; see Figure 1.
  • Finished Tesla vehicle counts leaving the Fremont plant, including sedans (Model 3 and S) and SUVs (Model X), with history back to December 2017; see Figures 2 and 3.

Updates are published weekly; data frequency is daily for battery and vehicle counts.


Figure 1: Model 3 Battery Shipments

Figure 1 Model 3 Battery Shipments

Figure 2: Daily Fremont Model 3 and S CountsFigure 2

Figure 3: Daily Fremont SUV CountsFigure 3

The Differentiators

TESLA Insights allows you to:

  • Gain clarity into the Tesla Model 3 ramp up on a weekly basis and ahead of quarterly reports
  • Gain insight into Gigafactory operations to inform portfolio management strategies
  • Identify trends and inflection points to understand indicators of Tesla financial health

These unique differentiators can help provide valuable pre-earnings release insights, especially when viewed in conjunction with company-issued guidance and analyst estimates (explored further below in the Example Use Case section).  These insights extend into the fixed income realm as well, enabling users to understand Tesla’s ability to fulfil its debt obligations as shown in figure 4.  This is made possible through FactSet’s Debt Capital Structure DataFeed, providing a full list of security linked fixed income instruments, as well as the debt obligations of individual subsidiaries (such as SolarCity Corp vs Tesla Motors Inc).

Figure 4