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Management CV’s Executive Team & CEO Quality Ranks provide structured due diligence information on the senior executives associated with public companies.

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Management CV’s Executive Team & CEO Quality Ranks provide structured due diligence information on the senior executives associated with public companies and their Board of Directors by delivering ranks, risk factors and executive changes. Separate ranks are calculated for individual CEOs and for 5-person executive teams. Scores are based on three factor baskets: operating traction, pay & incentive alignment, and fiduciary risk factors.

Additionally, executive changes are provided which capture CEO, CFO and Chairman of the Board changes, including valuable information on the incumbent and successor, such as flags indicating experience in the same role or industry, as well as the event date and description.

Data Overview

Asset Class: Public Companies

Data Frequency: Fiduciary risk data provided monthly. Executive team ranks provided monthly historically with daily data going forward. Executive changes provided as they’re announced.

Delivery Frequency: Fiduciary risk data delivered monthly, executive team ranks are delivered daily and executive changes data is delivered weekly.

History: Data available back to 2007

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Data Methodology

Management team scores are out-of-sample and point-in-time data series, generated by a factor basket algorithmic process that is supplemented by qualitative review by human analysts who are assigned as sector generalists and conduct their research process in the exact same way across all CEOs, CFOs or other senior executives in an industry, with a particular focus on CEO and CFO changes within the coverage set.

Management CV uses a collection of primary sources and FactSet market data for its inputs into the MCV ranking and scoring systems.   Primary sources are SEC forms 14A, 10K, 6F, 3, 4, 5 and others including verbatim transcripts of earnings and conference calls provided by FactSet Call street.

CEO, CFO, and Chairman of the Board changes are captured on an as reported basis recording key information such as Announcement Date, Effective Date, Annotated Event Description, prior Industry experience flag, and prior same role experience flag.

Use Cases

Corporate Governance

Evaluate the relative quality and skill of a company’s executive team to determine the relative risk and operating ability associated with those executives.

  • Executive team ranks are derived from a three-factor basket set (Operating Track Record, Compensation Alignment, and Fiduciary Risk) of moving average variables that are measured net of an equally weighted industry peer group.
  • Identify management teams that have statistically under-performed their similar sized industry peers on key factors of operating traction, incentive pay alignment, and fiduciary governance.
  • Overall scores for the team are provided as well as a score for each sub-factor basket.

Factor Creation

Use fact-based inputs for executive team operating track records, skill sets and executive changes to improve returns and identify out-performers within industry and style groups.

  • Track CEO and CFO changes, which often mark major inflection points in subsequent operating performance and capital allocation.
  • Identify material changes in executive incentive plans and alignment with outside investors.
  • Management CV research has shown that bottom quintile executive teams consistently underperform both their industry peers and broader indexes on price returns, ROA, ROIC, and ROE metrics. Ranks and subfactors are available as a monthly time series since January 2008.

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