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1,500 additional ETFs are now available for broader analysis in FactSet Market Aggregates (FMA). The FMA database provides over 100 aggregated metrics for benchmarks, portfolios, or ETFs. Items include valuation and profitability ratios and metrics for growth, per-share, and technical analysis, among others.

FMA metrics can be examined on their own or relative to individual companies in charting, workstation reports, and in Excel codes. The aggregated items are integrated throughout the FactSet workstation and are simple to build with Sidebar and Formula Lookup tools.

With this release, over 1,800 ETFs can be analyzed in FMA in addition to the over 15,000 benchmarks already in the database.

Metrics are fully auditable both inside and outside of the FactSet workstation. Clicking the audit links shows the bottom-up methodology that uses FactSet Estimates, FactSet Fundamentals, and FactSet Prices. 



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