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Will the S&P 500 Report Record-High EPS in 2020?

December 11, 2019

On average, industry analysts have overestimated the final EPS number by 6.9% one year in advance.

By John Butters  |  Earnings

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December 10, 2019

The Evolving Landscape of Corporate Governance and ESG

Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) analysis has gone from niche to mainstream over the past few decades. ESG data helps...

By FactSet Insight  |  Data Science and Technology

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November 29, 2019

Insight Thanksgiving Digest 2019

A selection of stories we're thankful for this holiday!

By FactSet Insight  |  Companies and Markets  |  Data Science and Technology  |  Risk, Performance, and Reporting

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November 26, 2019

Idiosyncratic Factors of Executive Quality and CEO/CFO Leadership Changes

Evaluating executive quality and incentive alignment is key to any prudent ESG strategy. Executive Teams vary across companies...

By FactSet Insight  |  Data Science and Technology

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November 25, 2019

Digital Transformation: How Harnessing Desktop Interoperability Provides Efficiency to the Financial Services Industry

There is significant momentum around developing with interoperability in mind, but soon, it will go from a differentiator to a...

By Mazy Dar  |  Data Science and Technology

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November 19, 2019

Electronic Fixed Income Trading: Act II Ahead

The ascendance of multi-asset trading has given more momentum to electronic trading in fixed income.

By John Adam  |  Data Science and Technology

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November 7, 2019

Considerations When Selecting the Best Trading Platform for Buy-Side in Asia Pacific

The overarching theme prevalent on buy-side trading desks across APAC in recent years is the consolidation by the formation of...

By Manu Sharma  |  Data Science and Technology

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