Nikita Pillai
Nikita Pillai
Consultant, Canada IM Consulting
Nikita is a FactSet Consultant based out of our Toronto office. She partners with a diverse list of clients on the buy-side in Eastern Canada designing and implementing custom analytical models using FactSet software. She is a BA Economics graduate from McGill University in Montreal, Canada where she was actively involved in writing for university journals and student-run publications on economics, international business and foreign policy.
Clean Energy Policy Shifts Unlikely to Stifle Sector’s Expansion
Falling technology prices and warming corporate sentiment suggest the renewable segment will grow regardless of policy.
Nikita Pillai
on Mar 16, 2017
Stress Testing a Winning “No” on Italy’s Reform Vote
A “No” vote will likely create a strain on some of Europe’s currently weakest economies and panic selling on equity markets in...
Nikita Pillai
on Dec 1, 2016
Foreign Money Heating up Canadian Housing Market
Can government intervention cool down overseas demand?
Nikita Pillai
on Sep 12, 2016
Could Brexit Be a Blessing for Canada?
Canada's gold industry, red-hot housing market, and limited exposure to the UK make it an attractive post-Brexit safe haven.
Nikita Pillai
on Aug 9, 2016
Bracing for the Next Brexit
How the UK's departure could impact policy creation and the existence of the EU.
Nikita Pillai
on Jul 27, 2016

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