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Market Intelligence is a real-time publishing tool that that lets you consolidate market, economic, and portfolio-specific data from various sources into a presentation-ready format. All content is built around your portfolios.

Based on your own custom portfolios and your custom selected inputs, you can generate beginning and end-of-day summaries and those tedious-to-produce-but-essential internal market summaries that provide a quick summary or updates about the markets and your holdings. Market Intelligence combines many repetitive and independent tasks into a consolidated workflow.

Market Intelligence features:

  • Build personalized market summary reports based on your portfolios leveraging numerous data sets available within FactSet
  • Easily modify the report output through a visual and intuitive interface
  • Schedule morning, midday, or afternoon delivery of reports by email
  • Add custom sections to the report by entering your own notes
  • Edit previously created jobs/reports

Currently available content sets:

  • StreetAccount News: Markets, Economics and Portfolio news
  • CallStreet Events: Upcoming events
  • Price Performance: Portfolio prices, Market Indices, Commodities
  • Insider Trading Activity: Insider Buys & Sells
  • Investment Research: Broker Research Reports




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