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How Asset Managers and Owners Are Leveraging Technology for Better Enterprise Risk Management

Risk, Performance, and Reporting

By FactSet Insight  |  March 19, 2020

Intense competition, market volatility, sophisticated clients, and a demanding regulatory environment continue to raise the stakes in investment risk management. For asset managers, fees and budgets are shrinking. For asset owners—including pension funds, insurance companies, and endowments—and asset managers alike, alpha is becoming more elusive, leading to a rise in passive investing and nontraditional asset classes.

For the industry as a whole, advanced technologies and data strategies are creating transformative opportunities, not only to reduce operating costs while enhancing performance, but also to sharpen innovation in product and service development and delivery.

For the industry’s risk management stewards, the challenges are many and the stakes high. Leaders must enable and support new investment platforms, operations, and strategies and still keep the whole of the enterprise sound, secure, and compliant. They need a single enterprise risk management solution that can house all assets and analysis. They must also assist the firm in the quest to harness more and better actionable data with an eye toward value creation. And all of this must be accomplished in an environment that demands more from less.

The answer to these fast-moving, ever-shifting trends is technology.

Today’s technologies enable executives to build robust data environments accompanied by extraordinarily powerful tracking and analytic capabilities; they can vastly improve enterprise risk management across the full set of compliance and portfolio risks.

To better understand how organizations are harnessing today’s technology-based investment risk management solutions to power their analysis and create a unified risk framework, Forbes Insights, in partnership with FactSet, surveyed 252 asset managers and asset owners from around the globe. The C-suite and executive-level surveyed ranged from investment houses to hedge funds to pension funds, and from 10 nations including the U.S., U.K., China, Japan, Australia and Canada.

To read the full research and uncover the path forward for firms seeking to improve effectiveness, spur efficiency, drive innovation, and create differentiating value, download the Executive Summary.

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