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Integrate internal research alongside real-time market data with FactSet's Research Management Solutions

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By FactSet Insight  |  August 6, 2013

FactSet’s Research Management Solutions provide you with the tools you need to quickly collect and analyze internal research alongside external financial data in one location. Now, with FactSet RMS, you can streamline your research workflow with the following applications:

  • Create research notes: Embed the Contribution utility in any view of your workspace to easily monitor your watch list while you submit research notes. Use the type-ahead feature for the Identifier and Related Symbols sections, and cut and paste or drag and drop text and attachments into the Contribution window.


  • Customize Chart Annotations: Create customized charts with annotations that link to your firm’s internal research notes. Select custom indicators, filters, and pop-up alerts.


  • Easily search for internal research: Use a streamlined and intuitive interface with access to different filtering options and a click-through story view layout to view your firm's internal research.


  • Create research notes from email: Share ideas with your investment team by simply emailing your research from any device to The content of the email is automatically converted to an Internal Research Note and published in the application for all users to see.


  • Access research on the road: Stay on top of internal research updates while you’re out of the office with email alerts and pop-up notifications on your iPhone or iPad. Easily locate previous research notes and access custom reports that incorporate your firm’s internal data. Submit your research while at a conference or on-site using FactSet’s mobile applications.

Do you want to learn more? Register for the August edition of our Emerging Ideas webcast series, “Transforming internal research into alpha.” In this 30 minute webcast, we will discuss how FactSet RMS will help you leverage your internal research to make informed investment decisions, fast.


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