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New Ownership and Holdings reports for mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offer an intuitive, comprehensive solution to analyzing fund-level data. To access these reports, choose the Company/Security tab within your FactSet workspace and enter a mutual fund or ETF in the Identifier box.

The new Ownership and Holdings reports allow you to:

  • Identify who owns the selected security and access short interest data and ownership statistics including position, position change, and market value
  • Discover the top buys and sells, monitor investment activity, and dive into ownership breakdowns grouped by investor type and holder style
  • Track a security’s percentage of shares outstanding (%OS) over time, based on holder type and style, country, and metro region
  • Examine a fund’s shareholders and learn how its exposure to certain segments of the economy (e.g., sectors and industries) influences portfolio performance
  • Explore movements in a fund’s assets, including sector, country, distribution, and top holdings trends

Each report is updated monthly and uses the FactSet Ownership and Mutual Funds databases to deliver key ownership and holdings metrics on a consolidated basis.



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