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Q3 2021 Investor Conference Summary

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By Christine Short  |  June 30, 2021

Summertime in Asia-Pac, Europe, and North America is often a quiet period for corporate conferences and events. June 2021 featured a high volume of important conferences. July and August indeed show fewer events, however, activity picks back up in September. We expect many in-person conferences to be scheduled in the fourth quarter.

Conferences, forums, summits, and trade shows are among the most important events traders must mark on their calendars. Stock-specific news is often released at these gatherings of executives, analysts, and industry experts. When it comes to keeping track of the hundreds of investor-related conferences per quarter, staying in the know is a challenge for traders and portfolio managers. Wall Street Horizon reports on more than a dozen derivatives of investor-related conferences covering 9,000 companies worldwide.

Uncovering and understanding the patterns within corporate event data—such as repetitive and sporadic scheduling, time/day of week schedules, and a confluence of events at the same company or comparisons to peer companies—can benefit your trading and risk strategies.

Investors often hear about the news after the event. Wall Street Horizon seeks to give clients a game plan going into the new quarter.

In the third quarter, the following key themes caught our eye: rising wages, higher interest rates, commodity prices at multi-year highs, ESG risks, and cybersecurity threats. Expect these challenges among others to be discussed in the coming quarter.

Questions to Ponder

  • With corporate profits surging to new highs, what will executives do with the excess cash?
  • Which sectors will be impacted most by higher labor costs?
  • Are elevated raw materials prices transitory or a feature of the new economy?
  • Are workers in the driver’s seat when it comes to demanding more from management?
  • Cybersecurity threats are back in the news—how are firms responding?
  • ESG mentions on conference calls have never been higher—are companies actually trying to do better?
  • What is in the Health Care sector drug pipeline in the wake of COVID-19?

You can find a full list of upcoming conferences here. This article was originally published by Wall Street Horizon.

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Christine Short

Vice President of Research, Wall Street Horizon

Ms. Christine Short is Vice President of Research at Wall Street Horizon. In this role, she is focused on publishing research on Wall Street Horizon event data covering 10,000 global equities in the marketplace. Her research has been widely featured in financial news outlets including regular appearances on networks such as CNBC and Fox Business to talk about corporate earnings and the economy. Ms. Short earned a BA in International Relations and English from Fairfield University.


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