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Q4 2022 Investor Conference and Events Highlights

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By Christine Short  |  October 11, 2022

What a year it has been. The traditional 60/40 stock/bond portfolio is pacing for its worst year since 1920, according to Bank of America. Interest rates have shot up, the U.S. dollar has soared to 22-year highs, and fears of both an economic and earningsrecession grip Wall Street.  

What’s strange, though, is that there have been mixed signals from major corporations as to the strength of the consumer and overall business outlook as we head into the most important quarter for firms’ bottom lines. 

Covering Conferences 

Conferences and company gatherings often provide valuable insights via not only spoken words by company management teams, but also non-verbal cues at these in-person events. This season’s tone might not be so optimistic. Recently, The Conference Board reportedthat CEO Confidence dropped for a fifth consecutive quarter in Q3 to a level not seen since the depths of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Wall Street Horizon provides accurate, forward-looking investor conference and events data so institutional investors and traders can make evidence-based decisions with their money.  

A Busy October and November 

As you might imagine, the fourth quarter is first-half loaded with key conferences while the holidays during the back-half feature fewer events. October through mid-November is the critical stretch, and that coincides with earnings season. As if the next month and a half was not littered with enough market-moving news with earnings to the Fed to the U.S. mid-term elections, conferences will provide yet another volatility catalyst.  

Our data show the peak week in fact follows the November 8 election day. We should know much more by then as the bulk of the Q3 reporting season will have passed as well. 

Corporate Events Spike in Mid-November, Then Tail Off into the Holidays 


Source: Wall Street Horizon 

Questions to Ponder 

Investors and analysts will be on the edge of their seats to hear the latest words on how companies are handling elevated market volatility and a new interest rateregime. Here are just a handful of key questions we all hope to have more light shed on this quarter: 

  • How do firms plan to cope with 15-year highs in borrowing costs after a decade of the Fed’s quantitative easing?  
  • What do the euro below parity with the dollar, dollar-yen near 25-year highs, and a volatile British pound mean for multinational companies? How will that impact profits? 
  • What consumer trendsare apparent now that Americans are clearly spending down more than $2 trillion of excess savings built up during the pandemic? Is there a trade-down effect? Are the wealthier consumers, who do most of the discretionary spending, faring better? 
  • Are geopolitical risks still a top concern now that commodity prices have eased and supply chains appear to be on the mend? 
  • Will Europe be able to weather astronomical energy prices as winter approaches? 
  • How do executives see the global economy playing out? Is a recessiona sure thing? Are big-time job cuts on the way? Are buybacksand dividends still a priority? 
  • What can make CEOs happier? Put another way, what could go right in the year ahead? 

Upcoming Conferences 

Here are the big conferences to watch to wrap up 2022: 

Information Technology & Communication Services 

October 10:  Piper Sandler Technology Private Equity Forum  
October 12:  Baird European Private Company Technology & Services Conference (Virtual) 
October 17:  Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo USA  
November 15:  RBC Capital Markets Global Technology, Internet, Media and Telecommunications (TIMT) Conference  
November 16:  Morgan Stanley Technology Media and Communications Conference  
November 16:  Jefferies Cybersecurity Summit  
November 28: Credit Suisse 26th Annual Technology Conference  
December 5:  Raymond James Technology Investors Conference  
December 5:  UBS Global Media, Telecoms Communications, Technology (TMT) Conference  
December 7:  Barclays Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference 

Health Care 

October 11:  Bernstein’s 6th Annual Healthcare Services Disruptors Conference  
November 7:  Credit Suisse 31st Annual Healthcare Conference  
November 9:  BMO Capital Markets BioPharma Spotlight Series: Oncology Day  
November 15:  Jefferies 13th Annual London Global Healthcare Conference  
November 15:  Stifel Healthcare Conference  
November 29:  Piper Sandler 34th Annual Healthcare Conference  
November 29:  Evercore ISI 5th Annual HealthCONx Conference  
December 14:  Jefferies Denver Healthcare Summit  

Consumer Discretionary & Consumer Staples

November 10:  Bank of America Consumer and Retail Conference  
November 14:  JP Morgan Global Luxury & Brands Conference  
November 17:  Deutsche Bank Gaming, Lodging, Leisure & Restaurants One on One Conference  
November 29:  Barclays Eat, Sleep, Play Conference  
November 30:  Jefferies Sports Betting & iGaming Summit  
December 5:  Wolfe Research Virtual Consumer Growth Conference (Virtual) 
December 8:  Jefferies Consumer Finance Summit  

Financials & Real Estate

October 11:  UBS 25th Annual SA Financials Conference  
October 17:  Credit Suisse 11th Annual Real Estate Conference  
November 14:  Citi Fintech Conference  
November 15:  Jefferies Mortgage & Real Estate Technology Conference  
November 16:  Credit Suisse European Financials Disruption Conference  
November 17:  JMP Securities Financial Services and Real Estate Conference  
November 29: UBS Global Real Estate CEO/CFO Conference  


November 8:  Morgan Stanley Industrial Conference  
November 9:  Deutsche Bank Global Space Summit (Virtual) 
November 14:  Deutsche Bank Industrial Conference  
November 15:  NYSE Industrials Virtual Investor Access Day (Virtual) 
November 16:  Barclays Global Automotive and Mobility Tech Conference 
November 30:  Credit Suisse 10th Annual Industrials Conference  
December 5:  Goldman Sachs Industrial Conference  
December 6:  Truist Securities 4th Annual Industrials & Services Summit  

Energy & Utilities

October 6:  CIBC Renewables & Clean Energy Conference  
October 12:  Credit Suisse ESG - Land-based solutions for a sustainable world  
November 7:  JP Morgan Global Energy Conference  
November 15:  Societe Generale ESG/SRI Conference  
November 16:  RBC Capital Markets Midstream and Energy Infrastructure Conference  
November 29:  Goldman Sachs Carbonomics CEO Day  
December 5:  Capital One Securities 17th Annual Energy Conference  
December 6:  Credit Suisse Climate Tech Conference (Virtual) 
December 6:  BMO Capital Markets Growth & ESG Conference  


November 1:  Piper Sandler Chemicals Conference  
November 12:  Credit Suisse ESG - Land-based solutions for a sustainable world  
November 14:  Kepler Global Agriculture Forum (Virtual) 
November 15:  ROTH Capital 11th Annual Technology and Inaugural AgTech Answers Event (Virtual) 
November 22:  Jefferies Real Assets Summit 
November 29:  Bank of America European Chemicals Conference  
November 29:  Bank of America Global Research Materials & Infrastructure Conference  
November 30:  Citi Basic Materials Conference  


October 31:  Goldman Sachs China Conference  
October 31:  Bank of America Securities China Conference  
November 1:  Citi China Investor Conference  
November 3:  Barclays Asia Forum  
November 15:  JP Morgan Global TMT Conference Asia  
November 16:  Morgan Stanley 21st Annual Asia Pacific Summit  

Investor Specific & Multi-Sector

November 3:  Jefferies CIO Summit  
November 15:  Credit Suisse Equity Forum  
November 17:  JP Morgan Ultimate Services Conference  
November 28:  German Equity Capital Market Forum, Deutsche Borse, FFM  
November 28:  UBS Global Emerging Markets One-on-One Conference  
December 1:  Barclays European Investment Grade Credit Conference  
December 28:  UBS BB Global Emerging Markets Conference​ 

This article was originally published on the Wall Street Horizon website. 

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Christine Short

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The information contained in this article is not investment advice. FactSet does not endorse or recommend any investments and assumes no liability for any consequence relating directly or indirectly to any action or inaction taken based on the information contained in this article.