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FactSet Instant Messenger provides a secure network for you to share information with all of your contacts, regardless of the network they belong to. Now, you can use FactSet Instant Messenger to interact directly with a FactSet Consultant and receive assistance with issues ranging from quick product questions to in-depth workflow needs. Consultants are available to assist over FactSet Instant Messenger 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To begin a conversation with support, simply search for @HELP in your workstation, or search for “Support” in FactSet Instant Messenger. You’ll be able to view the name of the Consultant assisting you, as well as a reference number for your question. Your Consultant will review your question and send you a formula, FactSet component, or Online Assistant help page to help resolve your issue.



In addition to reaching support, use FactSet Instant Messenger to:

  • Seamlessly jump between conversations and live data to instantly share news, charts, and other FactSet financial components
  • Quickly communicate important, time-sensitive information with multiple individuals via “blast” message
  • Organize, share, and store your conversations with persistent chat rooms
FactSet Instant Messenger is free to all FactSet users. Request your free access today.

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