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The Trading Desk of the Future Is Here Today

Data Science and Technology

By FactSet Insight  |  September 17, 2020

Historically, trading desks have always been located close to the primary exchanges to address concerns around connectivity and latency. However, with the advancement of technology, the stringent requirement of proximity to exchanges has diminished. Traders can sit anywhere in the world and have access to the tools necessary to trade any instrument. In addition, while trading remains a mission-critical, sensitive role for almost all organizations, the advent of sophisticated compliance solutions ensures that trading activity can be monitored from anywhere in the world.

Watch this video in which Manu Sharma, Head of Trading Sales, APAC at FactSet, discusses the growth of the home office trading desk as a result of COVID-19 with Wietske Blees, Editor of Fund Business.

Leadings Minds - ep3 - Manu Sharma


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