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Webcast: Uncover Investment Opportunities with DataRobot on FactSet

Data Science and Technology

By FactSet Insight  |  August 20, 2020

At a time when global markets are volatile and stock prices are constantly fluctuating, having the ability to quickly build and transform machine learning models into decision-useful investment insights is more important than ever.

Whether you are using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify new sources of alpha, manage risk exposure, or to uncover hidden relationships between factors that drive investment performance, advances in predictive technology have made it easier to becoming an AI-driven enterprise.

This 40-minute discussion with Bijan Beheshti, Vice President, Head of Quantitative Sales at FactSet, and Rob Hegarty, General Manager of Financial Markets at DataRobot, addresses the unique challenge of building data-driven investment strategies and—using DataRobot on FactSet as a modelshows how automated machine learning can be used to streamline investment decision workflows.

Beheshti also shares best practices for enhancing factor research, how to explain model decisions transparently, and how creating an AI-driven enterprise can give you a winning edge in the emerging quant arms race. 

To learn more, download the full webcast, Uncover Investment Opportunities with DataRobot on FactSet.

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