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Webcast - What HNWIs is Demanding in a New Era of Volatility

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By Greg King, CFA  |  August 21, 2017

Living in the Information Age, we often take it as given that data is supreme. This is particularly true in the wealth management community, where information serves as a crucial guide for investment decision-making. 

Against this context, we are left to question whether the existing frameworks for understanding and communicating risk in the advisory relationship are sufficient. To address this issue, FactSet and Scorpio Partnership recently surveyed 1,123 HNWIs from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States to determine where current practices need to evolve to best serve the wealth industry and improve its resilience in the face of uncertainty.

We discuss the results of this survey and what they mean for the future of wealth management in a new webcast. During it, FactSet and Scorpio Partnership discuss changing trends, and unpack how the results of survey can inform wealth strategies going forward. 

The Webcast Will Cover:

  • The four types of risk wealth managers must address
  • What wealth mangers need to move towards a framework of resilience-building
  • What wealth managers can do now to improve client relationships and mitigate risks

Click on the link below to watch. 

Watch the What HWNIs Demand Webcast

Greg King, CFA

Senior Vice President, Strategy Senior Director, Wealth Product Development

Mr. Greg King is Senior Director, Wealth Management and Digital Solutions Strategy and Product Development at FactSet. In this role, he focuses on the allocation of resources for all areas of the Wealth Management business; from market research and product development to implementation of a parallel sales and marketing plan. Mr. King moved to London from the U.S. in 1999. Prior to leading FactSet’s Wealth Management Strategy, he spent eight years as Director of Workstation Solutions for the EMEA and APAC regions, and before that, was Vice President, Institutional Sales in FactSet's UK Investment Management region. Mr. King earned a degree in Economics from Boston College and is a CFA charterholder.