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Michael Amenta, CFA
Michael Amenta, CFA
Product Strategist, Content & Technology Solutions
Michael joined FactSet in 2011. He received his bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Notre Dame. He is CFA charterholder has been cited by numerous print and online publications.
When It Comes to Analyst Ratings, Look to the Bears
Among the Buy, Overweight, and Hold ratings groups, backtests over 10 years indicate performance results that are in direct... Read More
Michael Amenta, CFA
on Nov 6, 2017
Follow the Leader: Choosing Investment Funds with Proven Portfolio Factors
A multi-factor ranking scheme in a screening workflow can uncover the funds that are most likely to adhere to the philosophies... Read More
Michael Amenta, CFA
on Sep 18, 2017
Using Aggregate Statistics to Strengthen ETF and Stock Selection
Investors don’t have to be limited to fixed labels, whether provided by the issuer or by a third-party analyst. Read More
Michael Amenta, CFA
on Dec 20, 2016
S&P EPS Results Surprise, Sales Disappoint
The gulf between companies reporting positive surprises for EPS and sales has widened over time. Read More
Michael Amenta, CFA
on Mar 12, 2016
A Better Approach to Measuring Aggregate Geographic Risk
Conventional tools do little to illuminate and quantify answers to even basic questions with regard to geographic risk: where... Read More
Michael Amenta, CFA
on Jan 28, 2016
Clear Skies Continue for P&C Insurers
The eastward turn of Joaquin helped fend off an inflection point in the cyclical business of property and casualty risk. Read More
Michael Amenta, CFA
on Nov 8, 2015
Exploration Expenses Set to Plunge in 2015
Persistently low oil prices have done little to stimulate change from customers, but there are signs that suppliers are... Read More
Michael Amenta, CFA
on Aug 7, 2015
Steady Improvement Projected for U.S. Homebuilders
Homebuilding analysts are projecting sliding sales trends to reverse in 2015. Read More
Michael Amenta, CFA
on Mar 1, 2015

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