How Female Management Drives Performance
Publicly traded companies with gender diverse boards demonstrate higher return on equity than peers.
Katherine Guerard
on Mar 10, 2017
Weathering Uncertainty with Better Attribution
Leveraging a flexible attribution model lets investors see when a portfolio is performing to its full potential.
Matt McLaughlin
on Mar 7, 2017
February ETF Flows Point to Opportunity
Continuing 2016 and January’s trend, ETF money flowed disproportionately into vanilla funds in February.
Elisabeth Kashner
on Mar 6, 2017
Below Average Cuts to S&P 500 Earnings Estimates for Q1
The Q1 bottom-up EPS estimate dropped by 3.1% (to $29.61 from $30.56) during January and February.
John Butters
on Mar 3, 2017
What to Expect Post-IPO for Snap, Inc.
With financials that line up closely with peers Twitter and Facebook, two divergent performance paths seems possible for Snap,...
Suzy Valdes-Rodriguez
on Mar 2, 2017
Since Election, Combat Stocks Continue to Surge
Combat and Support stocks have seen gains of more than 40% since November 2016.
Jessica Ulbricht
on Mar 1, 2017
Overcrowding in the Alternatives Market
How do we know if the alternatives market is overcrowded, and if it is, what is the potential impact?
Drew J. Cronin, CFA, CIPM
on Mar 1, 2017
January M&A Activity Up 12.7% From December
In the U.S., January saw 1,086 announcements compared to 964 in December 2016.
FactSet Mergers Staff
on Feb 27, 2017
Imagining Google Wealth: The HNWI Vision for Wealth Management In 2020
What can the wealth industry learn from Google about delivering enhanced client experiences?
Greg King, CFA
on Feb 26, 2017
Earnings Update: February 24, 2017
Earnings overview for the week of February 20.
John Butters
on Feb 24, 2017
Is the Dollar’s Strength the Emerging Markets’ Weakness?
The soaring greenback affects emerging market companies via their dependence on dollar-denominated debt.
Rico Fabello
on Feb 23, 2017
Lessons From the Kraft Heinz-Unilever Merger that Wasn't
Just like that, Kraft Heinz-Unilever became the Keyser Söze of mega-deals, but there are still interesting points to be...
Bryan Adams
on Feb 21, 2017

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