February ETF Flows Point to Opportunity
Continuing 2016 and January’s trend, ETF money flowed disproportionately into vanilla funds in February.
Elisabeth Kashner
on Mar 6, 2017
Actively Managed ETFs Just Had a Spectacular Month
Inflows to active ETFs reached almost $1 billion in January.
Elisabeth Kashner
on Feb 6, 2017
2016 Was the Year of ETF Investors Acting Rationally
The most sensible move of 2016? The continued deterioration of irrationally constructed funds.
Elisabeth Kashner
on Jan 8, 2017
Low Innovation, High Consolidation Mark ETFs in 2016
ETFs not from a well-established provider had a rough 2016 in the asset-gathering arena.
Elisabeth Kashner
on Dec 19, 2016
November ETF Flows: S&P 500 Funds Dominate
November’s U.S. presidential election unleashed optimism in U.S. large caps (both broad based and value), small caps,...
Elisabeth Kashner
on Dec 2, 2016
How Well Run Is Your ETF?
To tease out how well run – or how complex – an index-tracking ETF is, we generally turn to tracking difference.
Elisabeth Kashner
on Nov 15, 2016
October Fund Flows: Everyone Out of the Corporate Bond Pool
The headline for the month is clear: investors fled corporate bonds in droves for the first time in a while.
Dave Nadig
on Nov 1, 2016
A Deep Dive on New ETF Liquidity Rules
The rules will have an impact on a whole swath of traditional mutual funds and ETFs.
Dave Nadig
on Oct 14, 2016
How Much Does the ETF Industry Make?
And how big a hit will BlackRock take by slashing prices to compete on cost?
Dave Nadig
on Oct 6, 2016
September ETF Flows: Real Estate Flip Flops Sector ETFs
Last month, investors seemed to like everything.
Dave Nadig
on Oct 5, 2016
Smart-Beta Investors Bad At Timing, But Getting Better
Smart-Beta Investors Are Bad At Timing … But Getting Better
Dave Nadig
on Sep 15, 2016
US Elections, China Concern at Camp Kotok
This year, consensus among the 50 or so well-known economists, investors, and journalists was "the one that go away."
Dave Nadig
on Aug 16, 2016

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