Hedge Funds

Financials and Health Care Lead Hedge Fund Purchases in Q4
The top 50 hedge funds bought $3.5 billion worth of stock in the Financials group during the fourth quarter.
Andrew Birstingl
on Feb 17, 2017
Consumer Staples Lead Hedge Fund Purchases in Q3
The 50 largest hedge funds increased their equity exposure by 2.9% in Q3 2016, a turnaround from Q2.
Andrew Birstingl
on Nov 17, 2016
Consumer Staples Lead Hedge Fund Inflows in Q2
The top 50 hedge funds bought $1.3 billion of Consumer Staples stock during Q2.
Andrew Birstingl
on Aug 18, 2016
Hedge Funds Shuffle IT Holdings in Q1
Facebook was the top purchase by hedge funds in Q1, while Apple was the top sale.
Andrew Birstingl
on May 19, 2016
50 Largest Hedge Funds Buy Health Care and Consumer Staples
The top 50 hedge funds increased their equity exposure by 7.6% in Q3 2015. The Health Care and Consumer Staples sectors were...
Andrew Birstingl
on Nov 19, 2015
Meanwhile in China: Which Strategies Protect Your Portfolio Against the Bear Market?
After a sustained rally, Chinese Equity markets have suddenly retracted and moved into an official bear market.
Bryan Chik
on Jul 23, 2015
A Quant's Approach to Getting Sentimental about Security Selection
How can investors harnessing a security selection process integrate qualitative metrics like investor sentiment?
Joe J. Importico
on Jul 20, 2015
Active Is as Active Does: Wading Into the Active-Share Debate
Even without knowing anything about a manager’s process, we can discern some problems with active share as a measure of...
Dieter Vandenbussche
on Jul 9, 2015
Relative Valuation Models: An Alternative to Measuring Corporate Spread Risk
Given the shortcomings of the “bucket” approach to measuring corporate spread risk, consider relative valuation models as an...
Bill McCoy
on Jul 7, 2015
Quantamental Investing: The Best of Both Worlds?
The Quantamental approach is efficient and effective, but not easy.
Andy Ratoff
on Jun 29, 2015
Geographic Revenues in the Face of a Strong U.S. Dollar
How a normalized dataset, can clear a path to analyzing how various market environments affect revenues.
Craig B. Pfister
on Jun 18, 2015

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