M&A Spending up in October Despite Dip in Deal Volume
U.S. M&A deal activity dropped 8.1% in October while aggregate M&A spending increased.
FactSet Mergers Staff
on Dec 5, 2016
Below Average Cuts to EPS Estimates for S&P 500 Companies for Q4
The 2% drop is smaller than the one-year, five-year, and 10-year averages.
John Butters
on Dec 2, 2016
November ETF Flows: S&P 500 Funds Dominate
November’s U.S. presidential election unleashed optimism in U.S. large caps (both broad based and value), small caps,...
Elisabeth Kashner
on Dec 2, 2016
Stress Testing a Winning “No” on Italy’s Reform Vote
A “No” vote will likely create a strain on some of Europe’s currently weakest economies and panic selling on equity markets in...
Nikita Pillai
on Dec 1, 2016
Pairs Trading: Using Structured News to Reduce Divergence Risk
Pairs trading has become one of the most popular statistical arbitrage strategies. Can news data help improve its performance?
Peter Hafez
on Nov 29, 2016
M&A Activity in the Aftermath of U.S. Elections
We compare the last five election cycles to see if there is any insight into what we can expect for mergers and acquisitions in...
Bryan Adams
on Nov 28, 2016
Are Analysts Optimistic about Retail Earnings This Black Friday?
Four sub-industries have recorded an increase in expected earnings growth since the start of the quarter.
John Butters
on Nov 25, 2016
Earnings Insight: Q3 by the Numbers [Infographic]
A look at the numbers that defined the S&P 500 in the third quarter of 2016.
John Butters
on Nov 23, 2016
Buyback Quarterly: Q2 2016 by the Numbers [Infographic]
A look at the trends that defined share buybacks in Q2 2016.
Andrew Birstingl
on Nov 22, 2016
Manager Performance: Good Behavior or Good Luck?
Behavioral influences in fund management cannot be ignored, but how do we measure them?
Dean Mcintyre
on Nov 22, 2016
The Digital Future of the Municipal Bond
Electronic trading is poised to be disruptive in the municipal bond market. What happens next?
Jennifer Kelly
on Nov 21, 2016
Did DJIA Companies Report Higher Non-GAAP EPS in Q3?
With the final DJIA components reporting results this week, how did companies in the DJIA perform in Europe in terms of sales?
John Butters
on Nov 18, 2016

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