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GIPS 2020: An Update to the GIPS® Standards (Part II)

Risk, Performance, and Reporting

By FactSet Insight  |  February 15, 2022

Now that the deadline for GIPS® 2020 has passed, and firms have had a chance to interpret and apply the standards to their businesses, key questions have arisen from pooled fund managers, asset owners, and asset managers. FactSet has again partnered with the CFA Institute and ACA Performance Services to reflect on industry feedback and answer questions from the global financial community.

Stream the audiocast today to hear three different perspectives from our experts: Beth Kaiser-Schwartz, Director, Global Industry Standards at the CFA Institute, Richard J. Kemmling, Partner at ACA Performance Services, and Sean Murray, Director of Performance Product Strategy at FactSet. The panel discusses the following topics:

  • Pooled Funds: Facing perhaps the most significant changes from prior versions of the GIPS® requirements, where are firms seeking greater detail and clarification?
  • Asset Owners: Has the change in standards motivated more asset owners to achieve compliance? Are asset owners using offline reporting to present their performance for periods longer than one year?
  • Carve-Outs: What drove the inclusion of carve-outs in the 2020 update? What further guidance is coming from the CFA Institute to help guide the use of carve-outs?
GIPS 2020 Webcast (Part II)


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