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Insight's Best Read Stories of 2019

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By FactSet Insight  |  December 27, 2019

On FactSet Insight, we strive to produce high-quality macroeconomic trend analysis and thought leadership on a weekly basis. From time to time, clear reader favorites emerge from our content library and today we've selected five of our best from 2019. These stories have demonstrated their popularity with the some of the highest metrics of any content we produced over the past year. Read, share, and enjoy these stories whether you're in the office or ringing in the new year at home. 

Disruption Is Coming For Financial Services, But From Where?


FinTech. Blockchain. Digital transformation. Big data. Cloud. How many of these technology buzzwords can a firm pursue while keeping the lights on, customers happy, and profits coming in? How many parts of the firm—across the front, middle, and back office—can go through radical change without disrupting the secret sauce? Read more.

Demystifying Fixed Income Attribution


What is performance attribution? Why is performance attribution important? How should performance attribution be used? While attribution has a definite science behind it, it is also an art. One size does not fit all! Read more.

Turbulence Adjusted Risk: Applications for Asset Allocation and Selection

It is no longer enough to only capture volatility within risk modeling, but rather, risk modeling needs to capture market turbulence, which is loosely defined as the volatility of volatility. Read more.

Insight's Best ESG Investing Stories


Here we've collected some of Insight's best-read content on this emergent investment strategy. Read on and see how ESG is impacting areas like risk analysis, fixed income, and research. Read more.

What Ultra High Net Worth Clients Want from Wealth Managers


Wealth managers must embrace technology and transparency to build closer relationships with UHNW clients. Read more.

5 U.S. Economic Charts to Watch in H2 2019

Econ Charts H1

A series of visualizations intended to illustrate the most important and dramatic trends in the economic world in the second half of the year. Read more.


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