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Insight's Best ESG INVESTING Stories


By FactSet Insight  |  September 23, 2019

Over the last decade, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment strategies have become increasingly popular. In its 2018 biennial report, U.S. SIF indicated that over 25% of professionally managed assets in the United States are now handled with consideration for sustainable, responsible, and impact investing principles.

Here we've collected some of Insight's best-read content on this emergent investment strategy. Read on and see how ESG is impacting areas like risk analysis, fixed income, and research.

ESG Considerations in the Insurance Space

Can ESG Add Alpha?

ESG risks abound in the insurance space. Whether they are intentional or accidental, if ignored they can have an outsized impact on a general account at the least opportune time. Read More.

For ESG in Fixed Income, Proof Is in the Pudding


In this series, Insight's resident fixed income expert, Pat Reilly, discusses the opportunities that environmentally- and socially-conscious investment strategies can yield for bond investors. Read More.

Using Non-Optimized ESG Data and Metrics to Identify and Assess Investment and Portfolio Risks


In this piece, RepRisk's Nicole Streuli-Fürst , shows how integrating quantifiable and comparable ESG risk metrics into existing models allows investors to run portfolio simulation on historic data points to obtain a more comprehensive view of the actual value, volatility, and return of a potential investment. Read More. 

Understanding ESG Exposures in An Attribution Framework


Investors need better ways to understand and interpret their ESG exposures. In this article, FactSet's Ashley Fritz reviews methods for interpreting ESG exposures within an attribution framework. Read More

ESG and the Evolution of the Research Process


Here, Jennifer Djaferis of Arabesque discusses how more corporate sustainability information in the market enables machine learning and big data approaches to ESG. Read More. 

Clean Energy Policy Shifts Unlikely to Stifle Sector’s Expansion


Despite shifts in U.S. policy, major companies like Apple, Unilever, Walmart, and others continue to engage in initiatives like RE100, which challenges them to increase their use of renewable energy sources. See how these policies present opportunity for investors. Read More.


This story was updated on 4/22/2019

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