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Insight Thanksgiving Digest 2020

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By FactSet Insight  |  November 27, 2020

On FactSet Insight, we strive to produce high-quality macroeconomic trend analysis and thought leadership on a weekly basis. We're thankful for all of our Insight contributors who continually provide us with informative content to serve our readers. Today, we've selected five of the most popular articles from 2020 from five of our most prolific contributors.

The EU Taxonomy Regulation: An Overview

By Barrie C. Ingman

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Over the short term, there are no plans in the U.S. to adopt regulation to address the lack of standardization in ESG definitions and processes. The EU, however, is adopting standardized definitions through its recently published Taxonomy Regulation. Read More.

U.S. IPOs Raised More Money in 2019, Despite a Decline in IPO Volume

By Sara B. Potter, CFA


Despite the 28.9% increase in the S&P 500 in 2019, the number of initial public offerings on U.S. exchanges fell by 14.2% compared to 2018. Read more.

Understanding the Interest Rate Sensitivity of Insurance Companies

By Joel Salomon, FSA

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Life insurance stocks tend to correlate highly with interest rate movements, yet they surged 25% in 2019 despite a 100 bp drop in the 10-year bond. Read more. 

Five Lessons on Machine Learning-Based Investment Strategies

By Ian Hissey

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When building data-driven investment strategies, machine learning is most effective when used to enhance factors traditionally used to manage portfolios. Read more.

A Decade of Growth for U.S. Private Equity

By Sebastian Segerstrom

Analysts made smaller cuts than normal to EPS estimates for Q3

While public markets are experiencing uncertainty and volatility due to COVID-19, PE investors have $900 billion in dry powder ready to be invested.  Read more.

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