U.S. Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule Future in Flux
Our observations on the Fiduciary Rule's enactment, impact, and potential to be targeted by the incoming administration.
Fran Reed
on Feb 3, 2017
Could Changes to NAFTA Impact S&P 500 Earnings?
Policy shifts on the North American Free Trade Agreement might impact the performance of companies with exposure to Canada and...
John Butters
on Feb 2, 2017
First-Time Activists Increase Presence in 2016
A changing roster of activists launched 319 high impact campaigns against U.S. incorporated companies,
Andrew Birstingl
on Feb 1, 2017
Tech Titans Pull Sector in Opposite Directions in Q4’16
Apple is expected to be the largest detractor to the sector's earnings growth, while Facebook is expected to be the largest...
John Butters
on Jan 31, 2017
What Ultra High Net Worth Clients Want from Wealth Managers
Wealth managers must embrace technology and transparency to build closer relationships with UHNW clients.
Greg King, CFA
on Jan 29, 2017
Energy Sees 82% Year-Over-Year Annual Earnings Decline
Energy is set to report the second highest annual earnings decline of all sectors since 2008.
John Butters
on Jan 27, 2017
The Performance Effects of Five Notable 2016 Data Breaches
How did security events, coupled with the market volatility we saw in 2016, affect stock performance?
Suzy Valdes-Rodriguez
on Jan 26, 2017
The Evolution of Fixed Income Attribution: Is it Fixed?
Fixed income attribution has entered a new age.
Pat Reilly
on Jan 25, 2017
Webcast: Countdown to the DOL Fiduciary Rule
Unpacking the compliance obligations of the DOL's fiduciary rule.
Fran Reed
on Jan 24, 2017
Look to Lessons of 2016 to Prepare for 2017 Shocks
In an interconnected world, we look to market shocks from 2016 to find ways to prepare for potential shocks in 2017.
Rico Fabello
on Jan 23, 2017
Which Trump Policy Plans Are S&P Companies Citing in Q4 Calls?
Of the 42 S&P 500 companies that have conducted fourth quarter earnings conference calls, 27 cited the term “Trump” or...
John Butters
on Jan 20, 2017
Currency: Volatile, Unpredictable, and a Growing Concern
If fund managers choose to hedge, they have a number of tools at their disposal.
Dean Mcintyre
on Jan 19, 2017

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