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Fixed Income

Demystifying Fixed Income Attribution
Increased client sophistication, an evolving investment process, and the creation/inclusion of additional asset types/mandates... Read More
Pat Reilly
on May 21, 2018
How to Find Relative Value in Inflation-Linked Bonds
Inflation-linked bonds and inflation swaps are the most popular instruments to protect against inflation. While linkers are... Read More
Uwe Hengst, CFA
on May 2, 2018
Hunting for Rotten Easter Eggs in Your Fixed Income Portfolio
How do fixed income investors apply the lessons of Q1 to the remainder of 2018? Read More
Pat Reilly
on Apr 3, 2018
Subprime Auto ABS: Worth the Risk?
Even in a worst-case scenario, subprime ABS still do not pose the same systemic risk seen with subprime MBS a decade ago. Read More
Andrew Klacik, CFA
on Feb 27, 2018
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bond Yield Backup?
Is it the end of the (fixed income) world as we know it? Read More
Pat Reilly
on Feb 8, 2018
From Investment Grade to High Yield in 80 Basis Points
Currently more than half of total debt outstanding sits between HY and IG Read More
Olivier Verburg
on Jan 17, 2018
A Tale of Two (OK, Three) Fixed Income Markets
The current state of the fixed income markets heading into 2018, broken out across the U.S., UK, and eurozone. Read More
Pat Reilly
on Dec 20, 2017
Cash (Flow) Is King: Demystifying the Cash Flow Generation Process
When it comes to cash flow generation, technology can provide a much-needed boost in productivity and analytical power for... Read More
Gagik Mikaelyan
on Dec 12, 2017
Factor-Based Investing in the Corporate Bond Market
We outline a process of applying factor analysis to fixed income and corporate bond assets. Read More
Dylan O'Connell
on Nov 7, 2017
Webcast: Q3 '17 MBS Model Update and Market Review
Our expert gives an update on the mortgage-backed securities market and FactSet's prepayment model for the third quarter of... Read More
Priya Joshi
on Oct 26, 2017
Do Central Banks Cause or Cure Inflation?
Normalization of interest rates has always been a goal of central banks, but they can do more harm than good. Read More
Jack Hayes
on Oct 18, 2017
The 2017 Fantasy Fixed Income Draft
Here, we sift through the ever-expanding news cycle to “pick” the most impactful “players” in the global fixed income markets. Read More
Pat Reilly
on Oct 11, 2017

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