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Insight’s Best-Read Stories of 2017

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By FactSet Insight  |  January 3, 2018

From an epic bull market to multiple Federal Reserve interest rate hikes, in 2017 the financial world faced events that required investment professionals to reconsider long-standing approaches to success. Over the course of the year, FactSet’s thought leaders weighed in to discuss how the surprises of 2017 affected each areas of the market.

Below we’ve compiled the 10 best-read articles of 2017. Read on to learn which topics and trends captured the attention of our readers and our experts.

When It Comes to Analyst Ratings, Look to the Bears

Analyst sentiments and biases are seen as a forecast of investment performance. But our backtests over 10 years indicate performance results that are in direct contrast to analyst sentiment. Read more.

1987 vs. 2017: Will History Repeat or Just Echo?

With Black Monday’s 30th anniversary this past October, we examined the financial, economic, and political factors of 2017 vs. those of 1987 to assess the potential for similar catastrophes in the near future. Read more.

How Can Active Managers Win Against Passive Strategies?

Think nothing can stop the flow to passive? Perhaps a bull market could trigger a shift. Read more. 

The U.S. Housing Market: 10 Years after the Bubble

Ten years later, are there signs of another housing bubble ahead? We look back on the housing bubble of 2007 and evaluate how 2017’s housing market compares to pre-recession trends. Read more.

Systematizing the Oracle: A Quant Approach to Buffett's Investment Style

Want to invest like Warren Buffett? To follow the philosophies of legendary investors, use a multi-factor ranking scheme. Read more.

The Charts That Tell the Story of 2017 (So Far)

Midway through the year, our experts offered their best visualizations of the trends affecting the investment world. Read more.

For ESG in Fixed Income, Proof Is in the Pudding

ESG trading strategies have become increasingly common over the past decade. But why is it so difficult to find a retail ESG product in the fixed income space? Read more.

Cheap and Transparent ETFs Dominate in First Half of 2017

In the first half of 2017, less than 1% of ETFs were getting half of all inflows. We examined the ETF attributes that spelled success during the first part of 2017. Read more.

Captain Obvious, FactSet Experts Forecast Effects of 2017’s Second Fed Rate Hike

In June, the Federal Reserve increased interest rates for the second time in 2017. With more hikes potentially on the horizon, we looked at what higher interest rates mean on both a policy and investment perspective. Read more.

What Ultra High Net Worth Clients Want from Wealth Managers

Deca-millionnaires have sharply escalated their expectations of wealth managers. We surveyed 1,100+ HNW and UNHW investors to find out what they really want from their advisors. Read more.