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Performance and Risk

For Those Watching, Sentiment Data Warned of Facebook Woes
With the help of sentiment data, savvy investors may have avoided Facebook’s nearly 18% price drop between March 16 and 27 of... Read More
Jonathan Carkeek
on May 23, 2018
Bringing Risk Modeling into the Modern Era
The benefit of choosing meaningful factors for risk modeling is largely diminished if these factors are not modeled properly. Read More
Alyx Flournoy, CFA
on May 10, 2018
Using Performance Analysis to Inform Ex-Ante Risk
With active management of market factors, the portfolio composition changes over the risk horizon, and change the expected... Read More
Bill McCoy
on Feb 28, 2018
The Performance Team Reshaped [Infographic]
Performance measurement is at a critical juncture, how should HOPs face the challenge? Read More
FactSet Insight
on Feb 22, 2018
Client Reporting: How Much Information Is Too Much?
Asset managers are occasionally guilty of overwhelming clients with too much data where they don’t need it and not enough where... Read More
FactSet Insight
on Feb 20, 2018
Key Traits of Successful Portfolio Managers
Desirable attributes included clear investing philosophy and willingness to remain flexible as opportunities arise. Read More
FactSet Insight
on Jan 10, 2018
Dealing with Data Overload in the Performance Workflow
Yet another challenge for the performance team is the management of data, the volume of which has increased dramatically in... Read More
Dean Mcintyre
on Jan 9, 2018
Four Considerations for Managing Passive Investing's Impact on Asset Allocation
The influx of passive products changes that dynamic and the way that the market views asset allocation decisions. Read More
Drew J. Cronin, CFA, CIPM
on Jan 3, 2018
Competitive Strategies for Active Managers [Webcast]
In this webcast, Richard Johnson of Greenwich Associates and John Adam of FactSet discuss the future of active management. Read More
FactSet Insight
on Dec 29, 2017
Performance Teams Facing Pressure of Complexity Turn to New Technology
Antiquated performance systems are often not able to properly support the increasing complexity of front-office needs. Read More
Dean Mcintyre
on Dec 13, 2017
Why Digital Solutions Are Wealth Management's Greatest Opportunity
Greg King, Director of Wealth Management Strategy, discusses how technology is changing the welath management industry. Read More
Greg King, CFA
on Nov 29, 2017
Organizational Structure and the Performance Team of the Future
Pressures surrounding data, regulation, and the way teams are structured are changing performance teams as we know them. Read More
Dean Mcintyre
on Nov 28, 2017

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